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WordQuest – An RPG in your blog


For the past week or so, I have messed around with a couple of projects from my project idea site. This one really stuck though, and after about 6-ish days work on it, I’ve submitted it to the WordPress plugin collection. (It’s still awaiting review though).


The idea behind it is, that I wanted to somehow incentivize making blog posts. I know it won’t really convince people to post, but it might be a contributing factor on whether they want to post or just leave it for the day. Grinding levels has been proven to be something that people get hooked on, regardless of the setting.

The plugin inserts a status bar in the top right hand corner of your admin interface. You start off as a Level 0 Wanderer and are assigned a quest from the get-go. This example below shows someone who has made one post, and  has changed to the Dwarf class. Their current quest is to write a blog post in the category “Hard”. (This is my project site I’m testing it on)



That’s what I started off with, and I could have left it there, but I added in a small widget for when you are actually in the post screen. This shows your hero grinding experience as you are typing up your post. The hero is animated, which you can’t see in this picture, and the things they are doing change now and then. Currently my hero is in the process of stabbing a goblin.


I thought that this was a novel idea, but that people would get fed up of it after a while, so I needed something to keep their engagement. So, every couple of levels, your character changes in appearance, eventually becoming a large armoured warlord. A limiting factor here was my lack of artistic talent, but I was able to find some free use sprites from here.


So what are the next steps?

Well, I want to add in some configuration options, and graphing of your characters stats could also be neat. Additional classes, Equipment purchasing  and different types of quest could also be interesting. But I’ll see how I feel about it before I develop on it anymore.  Update: It is now on the WordPress library, check it out.



Feel free to checkout the Git repository and submit some pull requests, suggestions or anything.

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5 Responses to WordQuest – An RPG in your blog

  1. This is actually a pretty interesting idea you know. What plugin you use? WordPress RPG? That character graph looks like something coming out of persona status screen!

Anything to add?