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Wiki Loves Monuments

The final week in August was National Heritage Week and also contained the start date for the Wiki Loves Monuments photography contest – The largest photography contest in the world. This was the first year that Ireland took part and got a massive 2015 entries.

I heard about the contest through the Creative Commons Ireland mailing list. Wikipedia and its subgroups such as WikiMedia contain many CC licensed works, and are a great collection of sites for artistic & historic resources.

I entered 58 photos in the contest, with scenes from three different counties – Wicklow, Meath & Dublin. I decided to opt out from the default Share-Alike part of the Wikimedia licence as I would want my photos available restriction-free. So, you can use these restriction free, bar having to attribute me.


Pretty certain I’m not getting any prizes for talent, but I enjoyed going on little trips around the country to places I hadn’t been before. In that vein I’m certainly up for doing it again and am thinking about taking up Geocaching again, so I can explore more smile I’ll take my camera with me and continue the photography, which I’ll publish CC-AT as well, or possibly non-attribution so there are no hindrances to use.

And I think it’ll be a while before I run out of places to go for geocashing anyways, here’s a small sample of what’s nearby:


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