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Weeab.eu shutdown

Unfortunately, this blog post isn’t going to be as fun as the others on our site.

The purpose of this post is to announce that Weeab.eu will cease posting for the foreseeable future. Due to overwhelming personal commitments, I don’t have enough time to maintain the blog as reliably as I have done in the past. Rather than trickle out of existence with decreasing quality and consistency, we will stop on a high.

Weeab.eu has been a great project for myself over the last 4 years and both my writing style and content have improved dramatically. The site has also garnered tens of thousands of views – and is still increasing month-on-month. I hope you readers have also enjoyed following it as I have writing it.

The domain will expire in a year or so, In this time the existing posts will remain online. You can use the wayback machine to browse the articles after this time.

As always, I will be available for questions/chatting/love letters/anything else through either Anime Stack Exchange, comments while the site is still online, most of my online accounts, or via email.

Goodbye & Thank You for Reading.


Owner of Weeab.eu


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