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Site Update – why are posts so infrequent?

A small update as to why posts have been so slow lately:

I have spent a while tweaking the website theme for mobile devices and optimising fonts and other features for ease of reading, hopefully making the site a little easier to browse. This was originally a theme I found online, and I have thought about rewriting it from scratch completely several times. However, that would be quite an overhaul for minimal gain. So, not just yet.

Old reviews from Anime-Planet’s now depreciated blog feature have been migrated over here. The reviews have kept their original timestamps so they will not show up as new posts, but as earlier ones. The reviews have also been updated with more information during the transfer.
I may transfer over expanded Steam reviews at some stage also.

I have started working! So I only have evenings free to do new posts – and good posts take minimum 3 hours to write (proofreading and etc included) which means I have to dedicate an entire evening to it.

Conversely, I just had holidays abroad, so I wasn’t near a computer much for the last 2ish weeks.

So, this month or so has been slow, but hopefully I can pick up the pace again soon

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