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Site Overhaul

To most of you, the site won’t seem much different, but I’ve been working away at some issues that needed to be fixed. Improving both your own experience of the site and its appropriateness for search engines.

Here’s some details:

Updated Design

  • The site no longer has the menu bar at the top, as it wasn’t being used for much more than my About page and it has now moved to the footer of the page
  • Many Headings have had their colours corrected.
  • The site is more suited to mobile viewers now.
  • Categories have been limited to 3 main topics. Site News & categorized also exist but are not easily navigable. This is so that Weeabeu can address its different audiences easier. You can see these categories at the top of the screen under the header image.
  • The site now loads faster – optimized images & caching
  • Social Media pages have been created – If RSS isn’t your thing, Weeabeu now will automatically post new items to Facebook, Twitter & Google+
  • Many Minor Fixes
    • Mostly W3C compliant
    • Image & IFrame width fixes
    • Properly Centered articles
    • Search Feature
    • Removed mainpage personal links
    • Previous/Next Button Upgrades
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