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[Review] CandyJapan

I was having a tiring day at work today, but when I came home and checked my mailbox I perked up as my review shipment from CandyJapan had arrived. I had completely forgotten it was coming and it was a nice surprise.

I originally applied after seeing a post on Reddit promoting the candy. I don’t really have a sweet tooth, but the interesting range of sweets that  CandyJapan  had on display was very intriguing. I noticed that they offered review samples and I felt that my blog readers fit very well into the site’s target audience. So it’s a win-win situation – You get an honest review of a service that might interest you, CandyJapan gets some advertising and I get some free candy! smile

Before I go any further, I better explain just what CandyJapan is. However, the comic strip on their webpage does a good job of this, so I’ve copied it here instead:


It’s similar in style to companies like Graze or LootCrate, every two weeks you get a little box of surprises in the mail. Except in this case, it’s yummy candy!

The reason the delivery took so long was because the shipments have to be shipped all the way from Japan, with low priority. But once you are receiving them regularly, the next package is usually in the mail by the time you open your current one, so it becomes a regular two-week thing.


The Box Of Candy


Let’s get down to business, here’s the package that arrived earlier today (some bananas for comparison):

It would have been even more of a surprise, but I had read the email describing the packages contents the previous week. This shipment consisted of an interesting pack of monkey themed sweets and some “Flower Kiss” hard sweets.


The less immediately interesting of the two were the hard sweets, so I tried these first.  Each of these candies were individually wrapped so they were handy to save for later or give to friends. Despite the three different colours, the sweets were all the same flavour – which was a soft milky apricot. These were fairly tasty, but very sugary – You wouldn’t want to eat these all at once!

The design of the sweet themselves is distinctly ‘fruity’ and the exterior looks like a pineapple’s outside (or the inside of some fruits such as oranges). The ridged surface is nice to run over your tongue and around your mouth.

Seemingly, these candies are very popular with girls in Japan. They are very nice, but I don’t think I have enough of a sweet tooth to appreciate them fully.

However, I found the next item much more interesting;

This came in two sections. First, a golden sachet containing the monkeys. I originally thought the monkeys were crisps from the email, but they were in fact banana flavoured soft chews.  Second, a section of card. After trying to work out how to build the structure without instructions, I realised that there were tearable sections at the bottom. After taking these off, I managed to build it with little difficulty – the little >v< faces helped a lot with this.

Now built, it was clear that this was a game to be played with. Whether that be solo or with a friend. Each player hangs a monkey on either side until it falls down. This is pretty amusing, but eventually I just wanted to eat them… so I did. The monkeys tasted very similar to textured banana sweets we have here, but aren’t as stodgy as I found the banana sweets to be. The game made this stand out for me though – I can’t think of any sweets, apart from Kinder Eggs that are similarly innovative.


I think it’s important to note that these packages are bi-weekly. Many similar programs work monthly and the CandyJapan website isn’t completely obvious that it is as frequent, apart from a few underlines. If it was the same price for a single package a month I might pass on it, but it seems quite reasonable amount for two during a month, especially considering the free worldwide shipping. The packages aren’t always large packages either, there have been packages containing several smaller items giving you more variety in one bag.

I’m going to give CandyJapan 4 out of 5 for this shipment. The candies are very tasty and Bemmu – the mastermind behind all of this – is very considerate in his choice of sweets. The sweets feel very exclusively Japanese, so you’re definitely getting what you would expect. However, the cost of the packages felt slightly too much. Roughly €10 for each package means that you might need to evaluate how much you want to try some surprise sweets.

4 stars


As another perspective on this shipment, It seems like the other recipients of this shipment were pretty happy too. A survey was sent out to gather feedback about the selection and it seems like it was pretty successful.



A big Thank You to CandyJapan for supplying the review sample.


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