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Open Data Hackathon

Last Saturday, I hosted D.U. Pirate Party’s Open Data Hackathon, to celebrate Open Data day.

We had some great projects, which you can read about here: https://pirates.ie/2014/02/open-data-hackathon/

I thought I’d write a little more about the last two listed, the playlists and the ufo sightings

It took me a while to think of what I should create and after about an hour and a half of mindlessly browsing /r/datasets, I found a dataset containing the top 20 charts for each month since 1989. Scraping these with import.io, I then piped the song names into Spotify’s search API to find their corresponding ids , and generated some html pages with playlist widgets in them. I created a simple webpage with a slider to select a date and then started a static webserver using python.

This took a lot less time than I expected, so I started a new task. In my mundane browsing, I had found a dataset of UFO sightings in America.  I saw that there was a ridiculous amount of reports, and I instantly wondered if perhaps there were more ufo sightings in states that had higher drug use. Using a creative commons licensed vector of america from wikimedia, I was able to create heatmaps of drug use in each state. The original plan was to have a ufo sprite in each state, which would be larger or smaller with relation to the amount of sightings there. But, the states in the vector image were drawn by paths, and paths do not have a centre as they do not need to be connected. Instead I created another heatmap.

The results (brighter is higher):





From the above maps, we can see a slight correlation between the two, more usage on the west and north-east. But it’s not overly conclusive though :( you can pull conclusions out of anything really tongue

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