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New manga ^_^

As a reward for myself for securing a job, I checked out an Amazon basket with some items from my wishlist.

It arrived today smile


(Ignore the messy bed)


imageThe katakana book is by James W. Heisig, who is a pretty popular resource for those who are learning Japanese. I’ve already read the first one, which dealt with the Hiragana, so hopefully I can get the Katakana down and then be able to read [maybe not understand] pretty much anything that doesn’t have Kanji in it. My plan is to get a simple manga like Yotsuba or something aimed at kids, and read it from the original language.

The three manga I bought are:

  • Gundam: The Origin – I thought it’d be nice to start the Gundam series, as it’s a major franchise in the anime world, and it’d be a shame to neglect it. Depending on how it goes, I may get sucked into the rest of the series
  • Utsubora: The story of a novelist – I’ve read Yoshihiro Tatsumi‘s A Drifting Life, the Mangaka’s autobiography, and really enjoyed it. I saw this and thought that the shoujo targeted novelist story might be a similarly moving and significant piece. From the reviews I’ve seen, this seems to be the case.
  • Velveteen & Mandella: – A third Vertical production! Vertical seem to produce exactly the book I like to read. This one seems interesting, the cover juxtaposing innocent schoolgirls in a battlefield. I’ve read Jiro Masumoto‘s Freesia manga, hopefully this one is equally as riveting
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