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Love Triangles are the best genre

Love triangles (love dodecahedrons too) are great. The bare reality and harshness of the stories always tugs at the heart strings because someone’s always going to end left out.

I’ve been reading a good few lately, I’m taking a break though and switching to another genre, otherwise it gets too monotonious – like any genre.

The last two I read were ‘GE – Good Ending’ and ‘Molester Man’. Yes, the second one does sound rather dodgey, but its not explicit at all, the plot just begins with a mistaken identity


The author takes his stories from 2ch and they’re adapted amazingly. I love his art style and the rough feel of all of his different works. The other two I’ve read are Onani Master Kurosawa and TsunBaka. I might try pick up the English translation of the OMK light novel at some stage.

Good Ending is a nice story too where the main character toggles his love between the two female protagonists. Really enjoyed this because there was a lot of ‘I just want you to be happy, so u can date her instead’ kinda stuff, which was different to the usual single-focus mindsets you might see.


School Days is one of my favourite mangas, its a little more extreme I guess though. The final episode was delayed on tv as it was inappropiately timed with some local news. Instead a picture of a boat was shown for the period, producing the meme ‘nice boat’

The anime was good too, but I haven’t read the visual novels. Mostly because they’re H-Rated.

There’s a sequel called summer days, which I would love to be adapted to a manga or anime. I dunno the likelihood of that though.


But I’m gonna switch to some other genre now, like horror or something. Otherwise any genre would get monotonous.

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2 Responses to Love Triangles are the best genre

  1. About School Days: you should play the game! :D. Well I am not a big fans of harem though. I am okay with harem, as long as they are not the main point of the story….

    • I might actually because they got a newish english release last year or so. :o I dunno how explicit it is though…

      I don’t mind harems if it’s not overdone. I think bakemonogatari is a good example

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