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LoL AllStars – Paris 2014

league of legends all-star 2014

Yesterday, the finals of Riot’s League of Legends All-Star tournament took place.

I noticed that there was a viewing party hosted being held via the Geek Ireland Facebook page. I messaged some of my friends, and they seemed to be up for it. Held in the Alexander Hotel in Dublin city center, there was a very good turnout. All the tables were full.

I wore my fabulous Blitzcrank t-shirt which went down well, and I got a couple of positive comments about it:



We were sitting beside some of the Riot staff who decided to turn up unannounced, which was very cool. One of them liked my shirt and gave me a Riot Blitzcrank skin which made me really happy ^_^.


I also got a LoL sticker, and a Gragas-themed bar-mat.

In between the games, they held character impersonation contests. I tried replicating Taric’s  “Gems are truly, truly outrageous”. I came last :P. But I don’t mind too much, it was a bit of fun and I got a third place Trinity Force tshirt. (But its far too big for me sad )

The games themselves were really good. There were some close smaller fights to start – I particularly enjoyed the Brand & Annie Versus Arctic Kennen & Arctic Varus (The teams were named “Fire” & “Ice”)


The main event – OMG vs SKT Telecom T1 was really good. The first two matches were quite close and could have gone either way. Unfortunately the finishing match was dominated by the winning team, SKT.

Once again, the closing ceremony was disappointing, Riot really need to address this by adding in some champagne, a trophy, falling confetti or something along these lines. Not enough celebration to justify the teams’ efforts to make it all the way to this stage.

I really enjoyed my first viewing party, but I think without some mates to go with me, it wouldn’t have been as fun.


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