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#LD29 – Beneath The Surface

I didn’t get very far with the game jam unfortunately. I had very limited internet access (GPRS woo), family obligations and touchpad issues on my laptop. There’d be no closure for anyone if I didn’t write a blog post though.

So, instead of going for my skyscraper foundation simulator thing discussed in my last post, I decided to make a game based off of the anime movie Patema Inverted.

Basically, there are two characters who both think the other is upside down. As gravity works different ways for them both, interesting platformer mechanics could be created.

What I got done was basically the following level. Although my code wasn’t structured well and probably would have needed some revising if I had kept going.

The aim was to make 10 or so levels exploring different things you could do. The following is an example (made in GIMP) of how, if the characters combined their gravities, they result in one slightly larger, so they drift downwards slower:

As you can see, very simple artwork was used for refinement later. I had originally planned to make things prettier on day 3, but alas, I didn’t make it that far.

It would have been nice to experiment with multiple weights or several combined people. But I guess I’ll leave it ’til next time. Which, will hopefully be the Public Domain Jam.

I think in just doing that first level though, I learned a good bit about how to structure my code if I were to do that again. And I really want to use Unity 2D for my next game, as it has lots of tools for making the process easier, such as its animation tool and collision detectioncollision

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