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There was a competition that CrunchyRoll were running to design a costume for the wake up, girls! anime idol group.


The prize for the top three designs would win a signed poster by all the voice actors of the girls. That’s pretty neat!

I decided I wanted to create something with long sleeves, and I’ve always liked those layered skirts, so I combined them into two pieces, one that shows a little arm, and the others that is a little more covered. These girls are meant to be like 15, so shouldn’t really be sexualizing them too much neutral

The shoes are heel-less by design. Idol groups are often doing a lot of dancing on stage, so heels would be a big problem.

At the bottom you can see an example lineup onstage.

I wish my artistic skills were a little better sad , but it’s the taking part that counts, right?


Then once I was kinda done,  there was ANOTHER costume contest on Facebook. Miku UK, who are bringing Miku to Dublin for a concert at some stage, had a contest where the top 3 costumes would be worn by Miku in her upcoming tour. That would also be very cool.

I decided to give her a yukata and cut her hair short, with a lily flower in her hair. I modified an already created picture of Miku, because I don’t think I could ever get Miku’s proportions correct with my art skills.

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