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About Weeab.eu

Weeab.eu started in 2012 as my personal blog. It remains so, but has evolved along the way to find its own niche.

Still on its campaign to dominate the world, Weeab.eu has been steadily growing in traffic and now gets a constant stream of visitors.


The blog operates under some values that I asserted back in 2012, which I intend to keep the same as Weeab.eu grows:

  • The blog is not written on a schedule – Prefer well-thought out articles, rather than low-quality slot-fillers. I want people to enjoy this site, and I want to enjoy creating it for you.
  • There will never be intrusive, irrelevant advertisement on this site. We don’t want auto-expanding windows or noisy product videos either.
  • Posts are primarily made for their content, not for their traffic-gaining ability.


As for some information about myself, I’m several things;

A programmer with many hats, An amateur photographer, An anime buff, An ex-runner, A curious explorer and of course, an amazing catch wink

Jokes aside, if you’re interested in more details about myself, check out my personal webpage or pop me some questions through my email (at the bottom of the page)

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